In case of sequential occurrence of Tokai, To-Nankai, Nankai earthquake and Kanto earthquake, which cause catastrophic disaster, the scale of human, physical damage would be huge beyond our imagination. Japan could lose the economic power because of such disasters. We cannot prevent the damage, therefore it is important to take the approach of “disaster reduction”, which try to reduce the damage as much as possible. Moreover, in case of catastrophic disaster, the direct damage such as houses, buildings and other infrastructures, which traditionally engineered has dealt with, would be relatively light in comparison with indirect damage. They are life loss and economic loss would be extensive. That is, catastrophic disaster destroys our society. Therefore, studies on disaster reduction need the standpoint that is harmonized approach between natural science and social one.

As showing DRS staffs’ specialty, DRS is a distinguished research institute, it is not too much to say that results of our research is attracted the attention of the people who are in the field of disaster mitigation and preparedness.